The thing I love most about teaching

Without a doubt, “No two days are ever the same.”  I never know what is going to happen given the population of 7 year olds.  These guys put it all out there everyday.  They come in everyday with new stories or experiences, some good  and some not so good.  As a teacher, you are always anticipating the next event.  I may teach the same topics or same style on back to back days but it doesn’t go like clockwork.  I love that about teaching! 


One area of observation that I would like to improve on.

Hmmm…this is hard. Not that I am this exceptional teacher but I don’t like to think of having any weaknesses.  I guess the one area that always bugs me is too much noise.  I would love for my class to be able to whisper.  Sometimes I think it is impossible. They just can’t, or at least a few can’t.  I am ok with kids talking when they are working with others but some kids are just so loud that the whole room seems noisy.  Yes, that is it….less noise, especially unproductive noise.

What are my goals for the year?

At our school, all teachers choose 2 goals to work on.  It used to be that we would choose to improve writing in our classroom or to better parent/school communication.

Now in the age of data, all our goals have to be Smart Goals with something that can be measured.  I have done that and now I would like to talk about my other goals that can’t always be measured.

I want my classroom to be a happy place.  Where kids go home and say they had a fun day.

I want to practice slow teaching!  I want to take everyday a bit slower than the past few years.  I don’t want to rush students. I feel like I am always saying hurry, we need to be done.

I want parents to appreciate everything that is done in our class.  Just an email or a quick note to tell me that you liked the activity that was brought home or the present their child worked for so long on is really cute.

That’s it, not too strenuous or out of line.